Western Romance


Happy Tuesday Jewelry Lovers! The past 9 months of my life have been complete madness, so it feels great to be back here blogging for you today. I wanted to take just a few minutes out of the day to share some exciting news for all my 2 Bandits fans out there…. the latest collection […]



Happy Monday Jewelry Lovers! I’ve got great news for all you Courtney Kerr fans out there, her brand new collab with gorjana is officially here… and it’s ready for you to shop! Courtney Loves Gorjana is just one more exciting step in Courts mission to dominate the blogging industry. I’ve been reading her blog for […]



This Spring/Summer 2014 Collection from Maison de Morgana has arrived and I’m already writing out my wishlist. For almost two years now I have watched Morgana McNelis develop and expand this incredible line, much like a metamorphous itself. Her vision is cohesive, clear, and exciting, and each new collection comes out better than the last. Checkout a first […]



With each passing year I find new sources of style inspiration through traveling, movies and tv, art, nature and people. In this past year however I’ve found myself gravitating back towards my roots. Usually it’s the opposite, where I’m constantly on the hunt for new styles and new things to draw from. Maybe it’s because I’m officially […]

Maison De Morgana ..


The latest Maison de Morgana Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2013 has arrived and it’s everything we hoped it would be. The Little Red Riding Hood theme was a really exciting choice for this collection and I think Morgana has hit it out of the park again. Checkout the pictures below as well as this very cool […]

Rabbit Food


Happy Tuesday guys! I love sharing new inspiration with you all, especially when it comes to food and healthy living. Today I wanted to write about Catherine, a lifestyle blogger who has dedicated her life to being happy and healthy. Bloggers like Catherine are such an incredible source of motivation and inspiration for me. I […]


CAMP_lookbook_USA -22

Many people in this world are blessed with vision. They can imagine something unique and exciting from a single glance at a building, piece of jewelry, or a tent. Few people however are gifted enough to bring this vision to life. Tamar Wider is one of those people. You’ve been hearing about her for years […]

The 2 Bandits Nort..


Happy Monday Jewelry Lovers! I’m kicking off this week an exciting first look at The 2 Bandits Spring 14′ Collection – Northern Lights. You know how much we love Tamar and the 2B crew here at MPress, and we couldn’t be more happy for them today! The lookbook you’re about to see was shot by Jason […]

Courtney Kerr


Bloggers like Courtney Kerr remind me why I love fashion so much. It might seem silly, forgetting how much you love something. But from my experience; being 26 years old, working a more-than full time job, living in a new city, trying to make friends, develop a social life, maintain old friendships, and occasionally give my […]