Zara Goes Tribal


Happy Thursday guys! I was doing a little browsing on the ZARA website this morning and found myself creating a mile long wishlist. Their accessories section is totally on point right now full of tribal beading and design work, brightly colored sones, feather accents, ethnic embroidery, and tons of buffalo skulls. Here’s a look at […]

Colored Denim for Spring!

Spring is finally in the air out here in San Francisco and I couldn’t be more excited! I am more than ready to put away all the sweaters, scarves, and heavy jackets and break out my spring accessories. I skipped on this trend last year but I have to admit that all the colored denim […]

Trend Alert: Wine and Dine!


Happy Friday ladies + gents! Today I want to share one of my favorite winter color trends with you… Wine! I know we’ve heard a lot about oxblood and plum this season and I’m definitely loving the overall color scheme, but there’s something about a deep wine shade that really stands out. Here are a […]

Fall Style Trend: Oxblood!

The time has come for a long overdue Trend Report! Today I’m here to share one of my absolute favorite fall colors… Oxblood. Personally I’ve always had a huge crush on this color so I’m really excited to see it on every runway, shelf, and rack right now. However I have to agree with Advice […]

Wishlist Wednesday: Crazy About Coral!

Happy Wednesday Everybody! Today we’re back with another edition of Wishlist Wednesday. We’ve seen a few distinct color trends so far this year and I’ve loved almost every one. Coral has been my favorite so far, and here are a few ways I would wear it! Coral is a really fun color because you can […]

Friday Favorites: Stud Love!

Happy Friday Ladies & Gents! It’s incredible how fast these weeks are flying by, I can hardly catch a breath. Over the past few weeks I’ve come across some really amazing items in my travels and shopping sprees and surprisingly they’ve all had one thing in common…. studs! Welcome home 2008, studs are officially back […]

Tuesday Trend: Wedge Sandals!

It’s no secret that high heels aren’t the most comfortable thing to walk around in all day. There are definitely exceptions for heels that have been customized, punched out, and tailored to really fit your feet, but why go through all that trouble when you have another solution? Wedges! Wedge sandals are one of my […]

Trend Alert: Summer Blazers!

Theres several things that every girl should own, the staples if you will… a premium leather bag, a little black dress, a colorful pair of flats, and a blazer. Blazers are one of the most transitional pieces of clothing you will ever own. You can dress them up, wear them casual, you really can do […]

Trend Alert: Cobalt Craze!

Happy Monday everybody! Today’s post is dedicated to another one of those wonderful color trends that keeps weaving it’s way in and out of the spotlight… Cobalt Blue! Compared to other hot colors such as mint green and various neons, cobalt to me has a much longer shelf life and diversity. Plus, it’s just so […]