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About the Author:

Hi! My name is Mallory and I’m so glad you stopped by MPress. This blog has been through many changes in the past few years, starting in music and art and working it’s way into jewelry and lifestyle inspiration. It’s my way to catalog, express, and document all my crazy interests and hobbies. I currently live and blog out of Las Vegas!

If you enjoy this blog please feel free to check out both of my side projects! OMGbuymeTHIS was co-founded in 2011 with my friend and fellow fashion blogger / social media and marketing guru Chelsea Pearl. Posts are snappy, brief, and to the point with the essentials, links and cost, and maybe an example of how you can incorporate the particular garment into your wardrobe. AvecMallory is my perspective and diary of the food scene here in Las Vegas with a focus on great local flavor.

Looking to collaborate? Awesome! I am available for freelance marketing, design, and photography – please visit MHM Photography for more info.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it! xo



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