Bandit Daytripper


Happy Friday everybody! I wanted to take a quick second today to share the latest, and possibly most exciting collection yet, from my friends over at The 2 Bandits. Tamar and her crew have really outdone themselves this time. I was lucky enough to get an up close look at the whole line last week and was absolutely floored by the details, colors, gemstones, and just overall feel of the Bandit Daytripper collection. Check out the lookbook shots here and don’t forget to stop by the site and pick up a piece! I have a feeling this one wont last long…

IMG_8791_1024x1024 IMG_8853_1024x1024 IMG_8889_1024x1024 IMG_8973_1024x1024 IMG_9024_1024x1024 IMG_9053_1024x1024 IMG_9089_1024x1024 IMG_9243_1024x1024 IMG_9287_1024x1024 IMG_9458_1024x1024 IMG_9475_1024x1024 IMG_9606_1024x1024 IMG_9689_1024x1024 IMG_9700_1024x1024 IMG_9730_1024x1024 IMG_9761_1024x1024 IMG_9813_1024x1024 IMG_9819_1024x1024 IMG_9822_1024x1024 IMG_9831b_1024x1024 IMG_9857_1024x1024 IMG_9864_1024x1024 IMG_9872_1024x1024 IMG_9932_1024x1024

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