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Happy Monday guys! I’m back today to share an exciting new discovery with you all, Barbara C. Pellegrino Jewelry. I first heard of BCP Jewelry from my hair stylist who had this amazing stack of necklaces on one day. Being the obsessive jewelry lover that I am, I had to ask where they all came from. A few were vintage but the ones that really stood out to me were all Barbara! I finally got around to checking out her site over the weekend and was totally blown away by what I found. Checkout a little peek below!

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About BCP: Crystal love – keeping the level of production small and creating everything with love and uniqueness . A mix of handmade pieces by Barbara, original designs by her and findings. BCP jewelry brings you the Earth’s powerful energy in a way that you can carry it with you everywhere you go, and in style!.  Her Jewelry is made with semi precious stones and ancient fossils, with the intention for you to stand out. The crystals  & fossils used come from various caves, mines, and rock formations from all over the world.  Her jewelry line is inspired by whatever catches her eye, surroundings,  nature and  her every day life. ​

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One of the things that surprised and excited me the most about this collection was the price points. She’s got pieces starting at just $27 for necklaces and $25 for rings! While there are some obviously more expensive pieces on her site (with good reason) I really like how accessible she is making this line to people who appreciate hand crafted jewelry. I ordered a petite rose quartz necklace and can’t wait to check it out! Stay tuned for a followup coming soon and make sure to check out BCP Jewelry on Facebook & Twitter!

XOXO Mallory


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