All The Wire


Happy Wednesday Jewelry Lovers! I’ve been really inspired the past few weeks after a refreshing trip home to New England. During my time there I was finally able to relax, read, and catch up on all the fashion news I had missed, while drinking a glass of white wine! I’ve been meaning to blog about one particular line for a while now and am really happy to finally get around to it. So without further adieu…. All The Wire!

photo_f5962fb4-aaa1-4dd7-866d-4cca38d5165e_1024x1024slide_1Court2_1024x1024slide_2  ATW

Stemming from a love of jewelry and passionate Texas roots, All The Wire was formed by two sisters Tori and Desiree. It’s a magical collection of hand stamped and wire wrapped pieces that I just cant get enough of. Tori explains the birth of ATW best on the website saying how she’s always been in love with the story of how her sisters then boyfriend (now husband) told her he loved her.

One day, driving down the country roads she asked, “Jeff, how much do you love me?” and of course, typical guy answer, ” a lot.” which didn’t sit well with my sister. She needed full on detail, so she asked again and got the same answer. They kept driving and he told her to look outside the window, “See how the telephone wire keeps going and going? That’s how much I love you, all the wire….” I think she finally got the answer she was hoping for. These two love birds got married and on their wedding day, he had “All The Wire” engraved on her wedding band. 

If that isn’t enough to make you smile and sigh, I just don’t know what is. I love the feeling behind this entire collection. Each piece has such an exciting and unique story to tell! I can’t wait to see what these lovely ladies have in store for us in the future. I’ve got my eyes on a few different pieces and I’ll make sure to post back once they arrive! Have a great rest of your week guys and don’t forget to check out All The Wire and let me know what you think!


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