Courtney Kerr


Bloggers like Courtney Kerr remind me why I love fashion so much. It might seem silly, forgetting how much you love something. But from my experience; being 26 years old, working a more-than full time job, living in a new city, trying to make friends, develop a social life, maintain old friendships, and occasionally give my numerous blogs some love… sometimes you just forget. So tonight as I sit here in bed watching re-runs of Courtney Loves Dallas and drinking white wine, I find myself completely inspired. Courtney is one of those people who just loves life. You can tell from the tone in her voice and the look in her eyes. Her excitement for everything fashion related is infectious and I absolutely love that feeling. Over the past 5 years I have read hundreds and I mean hundreds of fashion blogs, but I always manage to find my way back to What Courtney Wore.  Her voice is powerful, her fashion sense is cutting edge, and her vision for everything she does is 100% Courtney. She wears what she wants and looks the way she wants for herself and nobody else. This is a true gift and it’s something I definitely admire. So here’s to you CK on this random Wednesday evening. Thanks for giving me the motivation to start packing for my weekend trip and to pull out some classic BaubleBar gems!

XO Mallory


  1. Great post, love Courtney’s blog & find her completely inspiring!

    xo Lisa

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