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The Way We Are

The way I find out about new brands, designers, companies etc. now a days is pretty interesting. Most of the time it’s through fellow bloggers and they info they share via social media, and sometimes it’s through TV or movies, and every once in a while it’s like a situation I came across last night…

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I met up with 3 of my favorite SF bloggers for cocktails and sushi, and one of the girls was wearing this incredible statement necklace. Being the jewelry freak that I am, I immediately commented and had to know more. Lauralai (pictured below on the left) told us about ‘The Way We Are‘ and how great the prices were and that we had to check it out. Fast forward to the next day, and all of us have been on the website and are ready to order a bunch of pieces! Now that’s what I call jewelry that does the talking for itself.


About The Way We AreI founded The Way We Are as a way to share what I love with others. It has grown from a DIY home decor and fashion blog into a must have jewelry collection. I believe in setting the trends instead of following them and I believe that hard work and dedication pays off. This is The Way We Are and we hope you love it! – Leah Hill

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The piece currently gracing the top of my wish list is the Ariels Delight Necklace, pictured below. Can you believe that blue color? It immediately reminded me of Pamela Love, but let’s be honest at a fraction of the price. The crystals are Blue titanium quartz and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a color so mesmerizing  I also love how she paired the crystals up with a silver chain vs. white or gold.

thewayblueI will be excited to report back once I make my final decision and place an order. I am so happy to have Leah on my jewelry radar and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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