Organizational Inspiration: Russell + Hazel!

Happy Monday guys! Today I’m here to tell you about my favorite new place to get fun organization supplies, Russel + Hazel! I was totally one of those kids who looked more forward to back to school shopping at Staples rather than the mall than at the mall, so you can probably see why I’m so excited about this stuff.

russel and hazel mini binder

I found Russel + Hazel by total chance while googling day planner ideas. I came across this fantastic image by the blog Take 2 They’re Small. It was in a post called My Calendar: from overloaded to energized, which has some great tips if you have a second to check it out :) The gold tabs and polka dots really caught my eye, and the fact that she had this all laid out in a binder was pretty cool. So on went my search!

russel + hazel

As you can see from the pic above, I finally found my way to the Russell + Hazel website and ordered a few pieces. Sorry for the bad quality picture, I’ve been traveling the past 2 months and have not had the time to properly document everything. The pieces I started with were:

I have a wishlist of at least 10 more items so I’ll make sure to post back when I order them. They have this amazing SmartDate system for everything you’d need to organize your daily life in style, as well as recipe and wedding systems.

russell and hazel day planner

R+H have made such an impression that the Washington Post featured them in a series called – Finding the perfect day planner, earlier this year. As you can see from the picture above and the ones in the slideshow, the more you dig into their accessories the cuter they get!

Overall I’m really happy to have found this company and am definitely a devoted fan.  After 3 months of being shoved in my bag, opened and closed timeless amounts, and even survived a cross country trip in checked luggage, the pieces have held up amazingly. Are you a Russell + Hazel fan? I’d love to know how you style your book and what pieces you love most! Leave a comment here on the blog or find me on Facebook and Twitter!

XOXO Mallory

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