Current Obsession: Perfume Trays!

For the regular MPress readers out there you already know how obsessed I am with jewelry storage and display. But believe it or not, I’ve found yet another way to expand my collection. My latest obsession? Perfume Trays! A few days ago I picked up this great Mirrored Serving Tray from Target. I had initially bought it to use for this funky little flower display, but after seeing so many other ways to use it on Pinterest I decided to change my plan!

Cameo PR perfume tray

For me it’s really important to be inspired by my surrounding when I’m trying to work. Whether thats in my home office, out shopping, working on my photography albums, or even cooking. I think perfume trays, like this one from the NYC Cameo PR Office, are an amazing way to display pretty little things that will give you that extra ounce of inspiration.

Cameo PR perfume tray

There are so many ways to decorate and display items on these trays. The pics above are all from various Pinterest boards and as you can tell, everybody has their own style! What do you think of this fun little obsession? Would you put a Perfume Tray in your office now? Share your inspiration with me!

XOXO Mallory


  1. These are so pretty! Its just a nice way to lay out your jewelry :)


  2. Isn’t it fun? I’ve got some perfume bottles, jewelry, vintage keys, and flowers on mine right now :)

  3. That’s pretty but I think I love your jewelry stand with the bird even better! Where did you get that?

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